Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

From young carers and parents:

Young Carers MK can only accept referrals of young carers from professionals e.g. a teacher or support worker from school, a doctor or nurse, or another support worker who is supporting someone in your family. This could also be your social worker or someone from Children’s services.

When we receive a referral we come out to visit you and then we ask you about what activities/hobbies/clubs you already attend. Some young carers do lots of activities and some are unable to do any for different reasons, so we try and offer the activities to the children who are not getting out much and are isolated because of their caring responsibilities.

Our activities and events are free. Young Carers MK are a charity and we fundraise to get the money to run events and activities. We also have some very kind people and organisations who help us by donating money to us.

We can only include young carers in our events and activities. If you want to come along to any events or activities and do not know anyone, we will look after you and introduce you to some new friends.

When we meet with you for the assessment we talk about your child’s needs and the kind of support we offer such as one to one emotional support, offering information about the person’s condition they are caring for, small targeted workshops, signposting to other services and school support and advocacy.

From professionals:

Once the referral has been received we will contact the family within a couple of days to arrange an assessment. This is where we meet with parents/guardians and children to talk about what is going on in the family and how we can help. The information gathered at this meeting will then be taken to a Panel meeting where we decide what level of support would be most beneficial. We then speak with the parents to let them know how we will support the child and send out a welcome pack.

Yes you can, we will consider each referral even short term, if the child is impacted by the circumstances and they have a caring responsibility.

There is no limit to how long a child can be registered with Young Carers MK. We work within the ages of 8-18. If the child has ongoing caring responsibilities they will continue to be offered support from the Young Carers Service. When they reach 19 years old we will support them into our Adult Carers Services if they so wish.

It is ok if you are unsure, please give us a call on 01908 231703 and we can discuss it.

If you have a question that is not answered in the above, please contact us.

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