Comments, Compliments and Complaints


Carers Milton Keynes welcome comments and compliments on our work from all those who access our services. We also recognise that from time to time there will be things that go wrong and welcome complaints about these because they can help to prevent the same thing happening in future. Anyone who wishes to make a comment, compliment or complaint about our service is welcome to do so and will receive a response within a reasonable period of time. Where the response does not bring satisfaction, we will explain our appeals procedure.

The following notes explain our “Comments, Compliments and Complaints” procedure.

Comments and Compliments

Please address comments and compliments about our service or staff to the person you dealt with directly. The Co-Chief Executives and the Board of Carers Bucks and Carers Milton Keynes do see the comments and compliments that are received and welcomes the views of anyone who uses our services.


Our complaints procedure is a three-stage process.

Stage One. Please speak to the member of the Carers Milton Keynes team with whom you have been dealing as soon as possible about your complaint. Where possible, we will try to resolve the matter at that stage.

Stage Two. Where you are unable to resolve your complaint, please either phone the office, 01908 231 703, or write to:
Co-Chief Executives
Carers Milton Keynes
Suite 1.05a
Challenge House
Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes

If you contact us, you will be given a copy of our Comments, Compliments and Complaints policy. You can either write to us outlining your complaint, ideally letting us know who you originally spoke to or dealt with and why you are unhappy with our service or support. If you do not want to write to us, we will take note of your verbal complaint. Your complaint will then be investigated by a member of the management team not directly involved in the area of complaint. You will receive a written response within twenty days.

Stage Three. If you are not happy with the response and want to take things further, you should write to us within ten days of receiving our reply (which is assumed to be three working days after posting), explaining why you are still not happy. The letter should be addressed to the Co-Chief Executives who will conduct a review of the matter and will respond within twenty days.

Appeals Process. If the response of the Co-Chief Executives does not resolve the matter, the complaint can be heard by a Panel of Trustees. You must notify the Co-Chief Executives in writing within five days of receipt of their letter if your wish to use the Appeal process. The Panel will normally be convened within twenty days and you will be given at least ten days notice of the time and place of the meeting. You can bring a friend or supporter with you to the Panel to help explain your complaint and provide moral support. The Panel will not normally give their findings on the day but will respond in writing within ten days. The decision of the Panel is final.

All notes of conversations, actions, correspondence and conclusions will be saved in the Co-Chief Executives’ digital folder.