Meet The Team

Holly Hoskisson
Chief Executive Officer
Kirstie O’Sullivan
Operations Manager
Lucy Martin
Adult Carers Service Manager
Yasmeen Azizul
Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Service Manager
Wendy Park
Engagement and Development Manager
Beth Sawyers
Holly England-Archibald
Communications Assistant
Angela Doherty
Adult Carers Team Coordinator
Alison McGee
Adult Carers Support Worker
Claire Rolland
Adult Carers Support Worker
Christine Straughan
Adult Carers Support Worker
Caroline Sterling
Older Carers Support Worker
Sue Robinson
Adult Carers Team Administrator
Hayley Edwards
Hospital Support Worker
Sue Ackerley
Young Carers Senior Support Worker
Debra Rogers
Young Carers Support Worker
Chloe Wenham-Sanders
Young Carers Support Worker
Alison Cressy
Young Carers Activity Worker
Rhonda Adamu
Young Carers Team Administrator
Rachael Sherratt-Smith
Parent Participation Coordinator
Gemma Mckewan
PACA MK Administrator