When Your Caring Role Ends

Carers MK will still consider you a carer if the person you care for has moved into residential or nursing care – it is just that your caring role has changed. You are still able to access our services, support groups and training.

If the person you have been looking after has died you may need to cope with the loss of your caring role as well as the loss of the person. You may feel a whole range of emotions, from relief at having some time to yourself, to guilt at feeling that way, to wanting to make some big changes, to feeling exhausted and alone and unable to do much at all.

If you have been bereaved Carers MK will continue to support you by providing advice, information and emotional support. We also provide a Former Carers Support Group which meets on a monthly basis. Please contact Carers MK for further information.

Additional information about the end of a caring role and bereavement can be found on the Carers UK’s When Caring Ends or Changes.

You may also wish to consider contacting the following organisations: