Working in partnership with Anglian Water

Did you know you can register for free, additional practical support from Anglian Water’s Priority Service?

Some of the ways Anglian Water can help you include:

  • Bills being sent in different formats (including braille) or bring sent to a friend or relative; If you want Anglian Water to contact a relative, friend or carer about your water supply and/or bills, with your permission they will be their first point of contact and will be able to contact Anglian Water on your behalf
  • Advance warning of possible water supply interruptions
  • Help with reading your water meter
  • Knock and wait; Anglian Water will wait longer for you to answer the door when visiting
  • A scheme to protect people from bogus callers and scams

Registration is quick and easy. To find out more about Priority Services and to sign up:

  • Call Anglian Water on: 0800 919 155
  • Go online at:
  • Scan the QR code
  • Fill in one of their freepost registration forms

Priority Service Register

Alongside Anglian Water, Energy providers also offer a Priority Service. If you think you need extra help during a power cut due to being medically dependant on electricity, electricity or disabled or if you have specific communication needs, contact your provider to find out how they can assist you.