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The Services We Offer

The support we provide to each young carer is tailored to their individual needs. As a result, this support may change throughout the young carer’s time at Young Carers MK.

Youth Clubs

Young carers are invited to termly youth clubs across Milton Keynes.

Youth clubs are a fun, social opportunity where young carers can meet up in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. They have access to a range of craft and cooking activities which have been designed by support workers. Young carers may also have access to games, computers, table tennis, football, pool etc. Light snacks are provided for all young carers. Most importantly, we have support workers and volunteers available throughout the night for young carers to talk to if they wish.

Targeted Support

We run support groups for young carers who may have a similar caring role or be in a similar situation to their peers. The groups provide an opportunity for young carers to gain more understanding of their caring role, provide them with a safe space to open up and strategies to help them.

Group sessions incorporate fun group activities which allow young carers to relieve isolation, acknowledge and discuss their feelings. Model coping strategies and enhance knowledge and information.

Workshops are carefully adapted to suit the needs of young carers. Our team are continuously working to design relevant targeted support groups.

Group Activities

Some young carers have very limited access to social activities as a result of their caring role, so during schools holidays we offer various activities and outings to the young carers who need it most. This can include day trips and for some young carers the opportunity to have an overnight stay or short break.

We don’t charge for any of our activities but we do have a fundraising team who work very hard to seek funding for these activities.

One-to-One Work

At times, young carers may need more intensive support around their caring role. Our support workers will deliver up to six sessions tailored to a young carer’s personal situation.

Drop-in Sessions

We work with secondary schools across Milton Keynes and are able to see registered young carers at school on a termly basis if they wish to do so.

Support for Young Carers with Additional Needs

We want to ensure we are supporting all young carers across Milton Keynes. This includes young carers who may find it challenging to access elements of our main service due to their own additional needs.

Young carers can expect support in the following ways:

If you are unsure whether a young carer will be able to access any of the services we offer, please contact us on 01908 231703 so we can have a chat.

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