Help from Social Services

What to do if you need help and support as a carer

Firstly you need to contact the Access to Adult Health and Social Care Team (Access Team) or if the person needing the support is in hospital, the Re-ablement and Hospital Discharge Team. You will be asked about the needs of the person you are or will be caring for. You will then be provided with advice, information and support relevant to your enquiry. If it is decided that an assessment is required, the following may happen:

Person requiring care

An assessment involves identifying the social and physical support needs of the person you care for. During the assessment the following may be discussed about the person you care for:

  • Physical health, disabilities and wellbeing
  • Need for support in managing their personal care and day to day activities
  • Mobility
  • Relationship with family and friends
  • Involvement in the community
  • Involvement with work, education or learning
  • Their safety
  • Support they currently receive from family, friends, other local people or services
  • Their finances

Eligibility criteria

MK Council has to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that those who are most in need receive the appropriate level of support. MK Council have guidelines to help them determine whether or not a person’s social and physical care needs mean that they are eligible to receive help. These guidelines are called ‘eligibility criteria’.

Financial assessment

MK Council has a duty to assess the financial circumstances of those who are eligible for social care support. Once the assessment has been completed, a financial assessment will follow. This information will be used to calculate whether a contribution is needed towards the cost of their care and support. The amount of the contribution depends upon the individual’s income and financial circumstances.

Are you caring for someone?

Do you look after someone who cannot manage without you because they are ill, frail or have a disability? 

If so, you are a carer and Carers MK can help you.